storage heater grants

Free storage heater replacement grants are provided by the Government’s Affordable Warmth Scheme which was formerly known as The Warm Front Grant Scheme

This is a part of ECO, (the Energy Companies Obligation) which has been set up to reduce the UKs carbon footprint. For more Info On The Government Eco Scheme please SEE HERE

Affordable Warmth Scheme / Warm Front Scheme

storage heater grants

The Affordable Warmth Scheme was introduced in 2013 to reduce the heating bills for Low Income Households on qualifying benefits.

 This scheme focused on :

  • Replacing old inefficient electric storage heaters with FREE new modern, energy efficient storage heaters.
  • Insulating homes to a minimum standard with FREE Wall & Loft Insulation.
  • Replacing old or broken Gas boilers for a A Rated boiler for a third of the cost.

Free Storage Heaters – New for Old 

You may qualify for free storage heaters under this scheme if :

  • you receive certain benefits  AND
  • you have faulty or inefficient storage heaters in your home.

You can enjoy up to 4 Heaters replaced in your property completely Free of Charge

How are Free Storage Heaters Grants calculated?

The size of your storage heater grant is based on the type and size of your home, how many bedrooms you have, how many external walls it has and several other factors.

Do all Properties Qualify for FREE Heaters?

Larger properties usually qualify for free storage heaters, but flats and others smaller ones may have to contribute to the cost of installation.

 This is especially true if you have a high number of heaters relative to the size of your home.

 Free Survey

Our installers will only know the size of grant awarded after your free no obligation survey has been carried out.

 If you are not happy with the amount of any contribution, you can withdraw your application without cost.

Remember though, any contribution you make will be offset by lower heating costs in future.



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I run the website and make people aware of the various Heating & Insulation Upgrades available from The Government.

If you receive a benefit you should check out our home page as YOU COULD BE ELIGIBLE for 1 or more grants available under the Government Affordable Warmth Scheme.

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