Here is the answer to this frequently asked question and other queries we have received from our applicants over the last few years.

Can I Get Free Storage Heaters ?

Absolutely. If you meet the criteria, you will pay not one cent to replacing your Old Storage Heaters

Do any properties have to pay a contribution towards the storage heaters grant?

Currently in 2020 there is no contribution required from applicants.

Can I apply for a grant for new storage heaters if I do not have any heaters?

Free Boiler

No. The scheme is a replacement scheme only. However if your home is heated by electric only, there is the possibbility for you to be eligible for a First time Central Heating Grant. The grant is usually up to 100 % and covers the cost of fitting a new boiler and up to 7 radiators.

See Here For more Details

How Many Heaters Are Changed ?

storage heater grants

Up to 3 -4 New Storage heaters can be claimed on this grant with each heater retailing at £650!

This will save you lots of cash over its lifetime and you should look into this ASAP!

Are all heaters replaced under the scheme?

storage heater grants

No . In most cases, fewer heaters will be needed as the new heaters will be high heat retention ones which stay hotter for longer and have greater heat drift.

The installers who work on the scheme have to follow strict government rules when working out a property entitlement to heaters.

The matrix works out how many heaters is needed to heat the property with maximum efficiency according to property type, number of rooms etc.

Are there free storage heaters for pensioners?

Pensioners can apply for this grant if they are in receipt of guarantee Pension Credit or a qualifying disability benefit.

State pension does not qualify on its own sorry.

Which types of storage heaters are available in this scheme?

storage heater grants

All Storage heaters fitted on this scheme are the very latest, energy efficient, high heat retention versions and include all the top manufacturers in the UK.

Which Models Are fitted on the Scheme?

Models include (list not exhaustive)

  • The Dimplex Quantum
  • Elnur
  • Creda
  • Fischer
  • Futura

Can I choose the make of Heaters?

Home energy Grants

If your storage heater grant is approved, the make of storage heater will depend on which installer you are allocated.

The make will also be down to which heater will provide the most optimal heating solution for your home too.

If you do want a particular make of heater, you will need to pay privately out of your own pocket.

Do You Need An Economy 7 Meter?


To use Economy 7 electricity, you need to have 2 meters fitted to record daytime unit usage as well as night time usage.

Your power supplier can arrange the fitting of a new meter free of charge if you are thinking of switching to storage heaters.

How do I get a Grant for Electric Storage Heaters

Energy Grants
  • Fill in the form on our home page for a free eligibility check.
  • If you qualify we forward your details on to an approved install partner who is registered to work on the scheme.


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